Regarding Covid-19

During this time of community crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff at Innovative Learning Professionals remains committed to both your mental health and physical health. We recognize that such times can result in considerable anxiety and worsen a number of mental health and behavioral struggles. We are doing our best to both observe social distancing while also meeting the needs of our clients. We are implementing telehealth options for clients to protect the health of our clients, as well as ourselves. At this time, we are insisting on telehealth sessions for all routine appointments. Any exceptions will have to be unanimously approved by all staff at the practice. There may be some exceptions made in crisis situations. Please feel free to discuss the options with your provider. 

Some services cannot be provided remotely (e.g., some forms of psychological assessment and neurotherapy), although we are exploring options for remote assessments. Decisions about those services will need to be made on a case by case basis, but many are being deferred until a later time. Neurotherapy has been placed on hold, as it cannot be done while practicing social distancing. Psychological assessments may be conducted if they are considered emergent or if the specific type of the assessment can be completed remotely. 

At this time, the staff continue to come to the office to hold telehealth sessions, which helps ensure confidentiality (as it may be more difficult to maintain in our homes). For those of us in the office, we remain diligent about social distancing, washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and keeping our environment clean and sterile. We hope that you are doing the same in your lives and homes. 

Thank you. Stay healthy.