At Innovative Learning Professionals, we pride ourselves in conducting premium and thorough psychological evaluations for individuals having a wide range of difficulties. Psychological evaluations may be particularly important to provide an understanding of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, investigate potential diagnosis, and to provide treatment recommendations.

Sometimes those individuals are having learning, attention, emotional, or behavioral issues, or a combination thereof. We attempt to examine the person (child or adult) broadly enough so we end up with the best diagnoses. Innovative Learning Professionals provides psychoeducational, mental health, and juvenile forensic (including those associated with Polk County Juvenile Court Services) evaluations.

Psychological evaluations typically include a detailed personal history as well as the administration of psychological testing. The personal history is integrated with testing results, giving us an understanding of the individual, a diagnostic impression, treatment recommendations, and appropriate and reasonable accommodations.

Psychoeducational Evaluations

An assessment of personal history, learning experience, intellectual abilities, skill levels, and learning styles is vital to an adequate understanding of school performance and potential. Without a thorough assessment, remediation attempts are based more on trial and error than on an adequate understanding of your child or yourself. A good assessment leads to better and more specific remedial options. At Innovative Learning Professionals we believe that a good assessment is a prerequisite to quality remediation and appropriate strategies to compensate for individual learning differences.

Although we accept many assessments conducted elsewhere, we believe that the assessment conducted at the I Learn Center is a superior product. Compared to many of the assessment reports we have seen, it generally is more thorough, addresses learning style, is linked to a superior remediation regimen for those with learning disabilities and/or attention deficits, provides a broader range of recommendations, and contains the information necessary for school 504 Plan accommodations.. We assess the full range of client including the gifted, the learning disabled, and the intellectually disabled.

Full-scale assessment is provided by David Beeman, PhD and Dusty Baker, Ph.D. with academic portions administered by Mary Kay Frasier, BSE, Licensed Davis Facilitator.

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Mental Health Evaluation

Psychological evaluations are also conducted to investigate mental health, behavioral, and emotional issues. Evaluations typically focus more on personality and emotional functioning to help the individual understand underlying issues. A thorough life history is completed in addition to personality testing in order to result in a better understanding of the person and to assist in improving mental health, behavioral, and emotional treatment.

Juvenile Forensic Evaluations

The majority of the forensic evaluation conducted by Innovative Learning Professionals occurs through a contract with the 5th Judicial District Polk County Juvenile Court Services, although private evaluations are also conducted. We evaluate youth charged with criminal offenses. The youth may be in detention, in shelter care, or in the community.

Innovative Learning ProfessionalsMost of the evaluations focus on the mental health needs of the youth to assist the juvenile court in intervening to maximize rehabilitative potential.

In addition, competency to stand trial and juvenile sex offender evaluations are completed. As with other assessments, a interview is completed to obtain a thorough life history (which includes family, developmental, medical, educational, abuse, substance abuse, legal, and behavioral factors), which is then integrated with historical records and psychological testing results. A risk assessment, diagnostic impression, and recommendations regarding treatment and placement needs are provided to the court to assist in decision making and disposition.

Evaluations may include a number of personality measures, cognitive testing, and competency measures.