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Immediate career opportunities now available at ILearn

Innovative Learning Professionals is seeking two full-time mental health professionals to join our growing practice in one of the most livable cities in the United States: Des Moines, Iowa.


ILearn seeks a psychologist to conduct assessment and therapy services, including mental health, juvenile forensic, and DHS-referred evaluations. Competence and comfort with children and adolescents is necessary. We prefer a licensed provider, although we will consider provisionally licensed and licensed-eligible applicants.


A position is also available for other licensed mental health providers (e.g., LISW, LMHC) to provide outpatient clinical services to a variety of clientele. ILearn is especially interested in candidates with experience in family therapy, marital therapy, biofeedback, and therapy with younger children.       

The ILEARN Philosophy
We are seeking individuals who...

  1. Can think outside the box to examine means to creatively address learning and mental health issues with strategies not reliant on medications.
  2. Can incorporate some or all of the treatment strategies: mindfulness, ACT, DBT, EMDR, and contextual approaches to more traditional mental health approaches.
  3. Are interested in neurofeedback and biofeedback as adjunct approaches to treatment, potentially building a full-time department to serve the community better.
  4. Have a genuine interest in serving children and adolescents.
  5. Are intrigued by the potential to work with a juvenile forensic population.
  6. Who understand the primary goal of being a mental health provider is to serve.

The next step

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Or mail your profile to ILearn, 2130 Grand Avenue, Suite B, Des Moines, IA 50312.

Questions? Call immediately at (515) 270-0280.
Or email David Beeman, Ph.D. at [email protected]

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How we are different

INNOVATIVE . . . Although we utilize some traditional approaches in our academic remediation, behavioral counseling, and assessment, we take the word “innovative” seriously. We are continually looking for new and innovative approaches to our client’s issues, but we also stress those that have strong supporting research or preliminary findings and solid theoretical models. Our goal has always been to find solutions for those for whom other approaches have not worked well. Our learning center uses multi-sensory learning techniques combined with innovative teaching methods in a one-on-one learning environment to effectively address difficulties such as learning disabilities (or differences), dyslexia, and ADHD/ADD. Our counseling center not only incorporates techniques from the learning center but similarly searches out new models of life learning. Some of the innovative models we use include Davis Dyslexia Correction, neurotherapy, biofeedback, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Listening, and Alpha-Stim, which are also combined with more traditional academic and counseling approaches.

LEARNING. . .   We start learning before we are even born, and ideally we continue to learn throughout our lives. We learn in families, in school, in college, in friendships, in loves, in jobs, and in places of worship. Learning in school prepares us for success in many aspects of life, but equally we are students of life. Innovative Learning Professionals, LC is devoted to improving learning and living across our lives. Our learning center focuses on finding innovative approaches to facilitating more effective learning in schools and careers (including in reading, writing, and math). Our counseling center focuses on learning the lessons of our lives in order to find more effective ways of living.

PROFESSIONALS. . . we are teachers, therapists, psychologists, rehabilitation specialists, behavioral interventionists, social workers, assessment specialists, counselors, and facilitators. We stress “differences” rather than disabilities and disorders. We believe in the capacity of all learners, in life and in academic pursuit.

Counseling Center

I LEARN was initially designed to assess, remediate, counsel, and facilitate an individual’s learning primarily in academic and cognitive aspects of life, which was addressed through exploration of unique learning styles and the utilization of individual strengths to overcome personal limitations for both school-aged children and adults. Our learning center clients are children and adults having problems with reading, spelling, handwriting, written language, mathematics, focusing attention, disorientation, movement and coordination, cognitive processing, and perceptual processing.

The programs at Innovative Learning Professionals focus on improving academic, perceptual, and cognitive skills through individualized programming to establish new foundations for learning. Facilitators employ kinesthetic, visual-spatial, and multi-sensory approaches designed to improve internal control, attention, focus, perceptual and information processing, learning efficiency, and academic skills. With a belief in learning “differences” rather than learning “disabilities,” our programs analyze and uncover a client’s personal learning style, incorporating intellectual and creative strengths to overcome weaknesses. The possibilities for academic and personal growth are enormous!

In the Learning Center, we take the word “innovative” seriously. I LEARN uses multisensory learning techniques combined with innovative teaching methods in an ideal one-on-one learning environment to effectively address difficulties such as learning disabilities (or differences), dyslexia, and ADHD/ADD. Our approach is not based on tutoring or drill, but improves if not resolves the root causes of problems with individuals with language-based learning difficulties and attention deficits. One core element is the breakthrough approach to dyslexia correction by Ron Davis (e.g., The Gift of Dyslexia). Other alternative approaches include neurotherapy (or EEG neurofeedback), visual-spatial and kinesthetic approaches to learning, Therapeutic Listening, and cognitive rehabilitation, which may be applied to a number of learning conditions.

Counseling Center: Our behavioral counseling and psychotherapy adheres to the same models contained in the original ILEARN mission, with a belief in the strength of the individual and family, and the use of both creative and cutting-edge strategies to learn new life skills. That philosophy remains in endeavors to improve the learning capacity for all learners, with additional focus on behavioral, emotional, and relationships skills. Strengths can be used to learn new skills in learning to adapt to, cope with, accept, and live our individual lives.

Our counseling center clients are children, adolescents, and adults having problems with a wide range of behavioral, emotional, relationship, and cognitive issues including (but not limited to) depression, mood disorders, anxiety, relationship difficulties, ADHD, behavioral disorders, substance abuse, brain injuries, eating disorders, autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, child abuse survivors, and legal problems.

Des Moines in the News...

Our offices are located on the edge of one of the most vibrant downtown areas in the entire country. US World News & World Report ranked Des Moines, Iowa as one of the ten best cities in which to live among all 50 states.

These are two dynamic opportunities for the right candidate interested in getting established in a thriving, livable community. Read about us by clicking on the links below.

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